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The REALTOR® Association of Sarasota and Manatee in Florida provides over 8,000 REALTOR® members with the support, education and advocacy they need to succeed in real estate. Celebrating 100 years, Agency McKenna shaped a pivotal year to underscore RASM’s value in delivering the 3Ps to its members: increased professionalism, higher sales production, and increased profitability.

Agency McKenna is the Agency of Record for RASM. We develop breakthrough strategies and communication programs to increase member engagement, fortify brand-led relationships and create a halo around RASM. Our collaboration strengthens the RASM brand and positions the value of REALTORS® to consumers in the marketplace.


RASM chose Agency McKenna with over 15 years experience guiding brand development, member engagement and digital communications for REALTOR® associations. Our objective: strengthen the brand, reinvigorate communications to increase participation among members and demonstrate the value of working with a RASM REALTOR®.

After conducting research to assess RASM’s current communications and brand positioning, we revitalized the association’s brand identity system and developed a new tagline system: Reach FurtherTM. We also led an overhaul of RASM’s communications, including a new website and a redesign of its magazine and email marketing. Finally, we combined these efforts with member and consumer campaigns using local media and social media marketing to mobilize members and activate consumers.

RASM Tagline


What happens when an organization wants to update its brand identity without doing a complete overhaul? A lot. We strengthened RASM’s brand equity by tightening its identity system. Refreshing RASM’s primary brand identity, developing a new brand promise and redefining its brand guidelines resulted in wider recognition of the association and greater trust in the brand. Both internally with members and externally in public relations.



RASM’s sub-brand logos were previously not tied to the primary brand or optimized for digital communication platforms. Agency McKenna created a unified system that strengthened the RASM message across departments and further increased trust in the association.


“Reach Further” supports RASM’s positioning strategy and its unique personality. It communicates an aspirational message to members and cements deeper value. Members can Reach Further in their careers, business growth and professional development. Consumers can Reach Further to achieve the American Dream of homeownership and the professionalism provided by REALTOR® members. It’s a win-win.

RASM Tagline 2
RASM Brand Launch


Agency McKenna developed the “Reach Further and Go Beyond” brand launch campaign to promote RASM’s new tagline, communicate the many benefits of joining RASM, which served as a catalyst to build more member engagement. Inspiring REALTORS® to sell real estate in Sarasota, Bradenton and even on the moon.

RASM Brand Launch 2


Agency McKenna developed a campaign targeting consumers in Sarasota and Manatee, Florida and the $8 billion local real estate market. With a bold call to action, the campaign focused on reversing low inventory issues and increasing new listings. The campaign’s bold typography and facts pulled in audiences from local media outlets using measurable digital marketing. Agency McKenna also provided campaign assets for RASM members to use on their social media channels, email and website to amplify reach and increase clicks.

not enough house
RASM Dream Home Campaign 2
RASM Dream Home Campaign 3
RASM Dream Home 3
100 Years of Impact Eblast


With RASM’s Centennial, Agency McKenna developed a 100 Year campaign that features their core focus as an association: their members. The campaign started with a member photo and video shoot, which lead to the creation of a variety ads to share their message. These efforts resulted in over 560,000 impressions, 210,000 emails delivered, and thousands of additional views each month on their site.

100 Years of Impact Digital Ads


For Strategic Planning, RASM relies on Agency McKenna to conduct an organization-wide survey. AGMK invited all members with 1,126 completing the survey, a 42% increase from the previous survey. In Member Surveys, we ask what do members value and what do they use. New this year, we asked CX questions including Net Promoter Score®, communications and customer service, which received excellent member feedback.

RASM’s Chief Executive Officer Jeff Arakelian, AHWD, CIPS, RCE adds “Agency McKenna, thanks so much for the Member Satisfaction Survey presentation. As a result, our strategic planning sessions went very well.”

RASM REALTOR® Charitable Foundation


RASM engaged Agency McKenna to launch their new 501(c)3 Foundation. We created the brand identity to serve as the face of the RASM REALTORS® Charitable Foundation (RRCF) and grow the charitable arm of RASM. Everyone should have a safe place to call home and a community of which to be proud. Agency McKenna developed the branding, media releases and vision messaging to jumpstart the Foundation and support Sarasota and Manatee communities.

One central fund for dramatically more giving. Scholarships for students, grants for REALTORS® in need and other housing-related efforts in local communities for generations to come. REALTORS® CARE.


To help RASM members learn about and access the many resources available to them, Agency McKenna developed a Member Services Guide. Created with a flexible, customized system of individual cards within a handy portfolio, this guide made it easy for the association to update and reprioritize information across departments. Over 50% of all members use the Member Services Guide.

RASM Website


Agency McKenna created a vibrant and mobile-friendly WordPress website that embodied the new branding and used consistent messaging for members, business partners and consumers.


Agency McKenna overhauled the look and feel of RASM’s flagship communication, its magazine by giving it a new, attractive layout and rebranding it with an exciting and memorable new name. “Elevate” captures the brand promise, Reach Further, and the value of the magazine’s content. This effort resulted in amplifying the value and engagement of RASM communications with members.

RASM Magazine


RASM has been a CasePro client for many years. Agency McKenna invented the real estate industry’s only all-in-one Professional Standards Case Management Software, CasePro that serves over 600,000 members and 267 REALTOR® Associations. This includes 7 API integrations for Association Management Software solutions.

CasePro makes it easy to manage case pipelines, produce accurate documents, schedule meetings and track communications from anywhere. Online 24-7-365. In the end, CasePro is a productivity resource for staff, volunteers and members—reducing association risk and supporting National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics.

casepro - professional standards technology
RASM Business Partner Directory Cover


The RASM Business Partner Directory, serves as both a recruiting and retention tool for over 400 business partners of the association. It’s also a resource to enhance member value, highlighting sponsors within a comprehensive listing of all business partners in all categories. This has resulted in both dues and non-dues revenue and a value-add directory for RASM’s 8,000 REALTOR® members.

Business Partner Directory


“Your survey presentation was very helpful to our Strategic Planning discussions, and I think it was very eye-opening to the board. We are looking forward to building a plan to support our new and long-term strategic plan that will begin in 2023. Thank you, Agency McKenna!”

Gina McCarthy
Vice President of Communications and Engagement


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