Find the heart of your story through brand strategy.

Your brand needs to embody your entire story—who you are, where you’ve been and most importantly, where you’re going. We’ll get to know you through in-depth research, including communications audits, stakeholder interviews, surveys and a SWOT analysis. We’ll review your key documents. We’ll learn about your products and services, how your internal and external audiences perceive you and about your competition, history, values and aspirations.

Brand Positioning


Determine where you fit into the overall landscape and uncover what makes you unique.

Your positioning is what makes you different from your competition. It’s what immediately captures interest and conveys value. We’ll help you develop authentic positioning that attracts your target audiences.


Identify your key audiences and describe how you are uniquely positioned to help them.

Segmentation is critical to creating an authentic experience. Your brand must resonate with all of your many relationships. We’ll help you define a brand that speaks to each of your audiences.

Brand Attributes


Describe what makes you unique and remarkable.

Your brand attributes define the characteristics that you can own. We’ll synthesize our learnings and define what your audiences think of when they think about you and the value you bring to their lives.


Get down to the heart of the matter and define why you do what you do.

Your brand essence is the core of your story. It’s what drives you; what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning. We’ll help you uncover those fundamental truths about yourself and incorporate them into your personalized brand strategy.

Brand Essence


Michelle Mason Headshot 1

“Our centennial celebration presented an opportunity to enhance the Forum’s position within the community. The restyled logo is a symbol of the fresh new outlook and forward-thinking mentality the association is carrying into its second century.”

Michelle Mason, FASAE CAE, President and CEO, Association Forum

Elizabeth McKenna, CAE
Principal & Managing Partner


Does your brand strategy need new inputs to stay future-focused and remain viable for decades to come?

From a future-shaping strategy, we can align experiences and interactions with your organization, employees, products and services for growth.