Show your empathy and understanding.

When your audiences read your communications, you want them to feel that you are speaking directly to them. We’ll show you how to write content based on data-driven insights that shows you understand their specific wants, needs and aspirations. Content that can be repurposed across channels with consistency.

Audience Segmentation


Sort your audience by clear, actionable personas.

Personas are fictionalized profiles of your audience segments based on real data and insights. By identifying your personas, you can personalize your communications by targeting your audience’s specific needs, wants and behaviors. We’ll help you group your audience by personas and identify key messages for each of them.


Link key brand messages to audience segments for emotional connections.

A messaging map defines the key messages for each of your personas. Customers want to know how you’re going to solve their problems. When you build bridges to meet their needs, sales increase.

Messaging Maps
Customer Journey


Develop content for each stage of the funnel.

The customer journey is the path that people take when making a purchase decision. We’ll help you build a library of content that nudges prospects through the sales funnel so they’ll be motivated to purchase and promote your offerings to others.


Appeal to your audience’s hearts and minds.

The decision to purchase or volunteer is rational as well as emotional, so you’ve got to have the right balance in your communications. We’ll help you pinpoint problems you solve and highlight the emotion you want to stir.

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Brenda Berman

Brenda Berman, MS
Senior Marketing Manager


Does your content need to listen to the heart first and the head second? It’s all about empathy.

From messaging platforms to copy decks, we can turn content into a conversation with customers where we listen three times and speak once.