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At Agency McKenna, we are certified in digital marketing and strategic management. We lead companies and their staff with the power of human-to-human marketing. We believe every mission should serve today’s customers and tomorrow’s prospects while creating strong relationships built on brand loyalty. We help companies say “hello” and drive brand loyalty.

What’s on our clients’ minds…and how we can help:

digital marketing


If you learned anything from COVID-19 and the health crisis, it’s how to pivot and find that “white space” and innovate. You miss the regular interactions with your customers. You need an agency that can help you maintain customer engagement, find new markets, and create a digital hub for sales.

We provide:

  • Responsive Websites
  • Marketing Automation & Nurture Campaigns
  • Social / Paid Ads / Geo-Focused Boosts


You rely heavily on existing product lines, customer service and sales to create your top line. But you need to expand existing revenue and develop new revenue streams to grow market share. You need to retain loyal customers and build operational effectiveness while reducing costs.

We provide:

• New Program Launches
• Sales Enablement Collateral
• Customer Conversions

business development
customer loyalty


You serve your customers best when you make them the heroes. But you struggle to meet your customers’ needs and expectations. You need customer research and actionable data. You need internal staff activation and external customer outreach to succeed.

We provide:

  • Customer Surveys & Focus Groups

  • Customer Engagement Programs
  • Public Relations


You have a full marketing department. But your customers want to engage on their terms. You need to attract new audiences while remaining relevant to all customer segments. You need to reinvigorate your brand and develop an immersive customer experience. You need to be a digital-first company.

We provide:

• Customer Experience Architecture
• Omnichannel Branding
• Digital-First Marketing Activation

marketing communications
public relations


You need to tell your story directly to the consumer. What your company stands for. Why you make a difference in consumers’ lives. How you positively affect the industry you serve. But you need help with media relations, paid media, campaigns, measurement and brand lift.

We provide:

  • Direct-to-Consumer Campaigns
  • Measurable Reach & Conversions
  • Paid / Earned / Social Media


You develop meaningful, lasting interactions. But you need to rework your business events and conferences. Your tradeshow, convention and sales meetings need to be human, whether virtual or in-person, and fortified by your secret sauce. You need to create irreplaceable experiences and deeper connections.

We provide:

• Event Concept & Marketing

• Digital & Traditional Signage

• Booth & Sales Enablement Collateral

business events
strategic planning


You need solid, data-driven strategic planning to drive sustainable corporate growth and be an indispensable resource to your customers. With a future-focused mission and a staff committed to innovation, you seek to reach new customers and bring your company to the top. Forever.

We provide:

• Board Facilitating

• Strategic Goal Setting

• Operationalizing Impact


You are great at sales. But you have challenges in attracting and retaining the top talent that is the lifeforce of your company. You believe that education strengthens careers. You need help packaging and delivering effective training materials to your staff.

We provide:

• Career Fairs & Recruiting

• Learning Management Systems

• Education & Credentialing Marketing

workforce development
corporate communications


You believe in developing relationships with your employees, your customers and your industry. Your know that your consumer engagement efforts should build healthy relationships with consumers and stakeholders. But you and your strategic partners struggle to communicate impact. You need to support investor relations and global affairs.

We provide:

  • Policy Issues Communications
  • Consumer Protection & Crisis Intervention
  • Investor & International Relations


At Agency McKenna, we do all of the above. We empower senior staff and the Board to deliver their best, most strategic impact to customers, the company and their profession. We bring together institutional and broad-scale market knowledge with the curiosity to explore new growth opportunities. We message your mission to new audiences in new ways. We embrace change. We optimize existing resources. We innovate solutions for tomorrow’s company. We make your brand remarkable.

digital strategy

Digital Strategy

sales collateral

Sales Collateral

competitive analysis

Competitive Analysis

marketing playbook

Marketing Playbooks

media plan

Media Plans

brand development

Brand Development

product marketing

Product & Service Marketing

corporate communications

Corporate Communications

annual reports

Annual Reports

online videos

Online Videos

web and social media

Web & Social Media



Great Clients Lead to Great Work.

“To the best team ever—the marketing campaign for our internal staff brand launch is GREAT. We sure are ready for lift off. Additionally, the branded sample boxes to our new markets—aerospace & defense—are excellent. Thank you, Agency McKenna, deliverables are gorgeous.”

“We were so excited about the creative for ‘American Muscle. Tyler Tough’ campaign, we decided to make large metal posters for all of our top customers and distributors. Thank you, Agency McKenna. The photoshoot, campaign message and creative are making a big splash.”

“Our print volume evaporated and the need was immediate. Agency McKenna undertook the heroic task of generating a process, developing creative and a distribution structure to our 80 member-companies. All in record time. The customizable signs and turnkey marketing saved us hundreds of man hours. Multiply that by our 80 companies, it was more like thousands. We’re keeping busy. And helping companies stay safe. Thank you, Agency McKenna.”

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Big ideas launch here. We ask clients, “What’s your SpaceX?” And then we work with them to discover, define, differentiate and disrupt. There’s only one way to go. And that’s to Mars.

If you’re looking for a deep bench from a highly collaborative, agile team—then you’re in luck. We are marketing professionals, strategists, designers, writers and builders using the latest in strategy, creative, media and technology. At Agency McKenna we make, measure, optimize, repeat.

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