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At Agency McKenna, we are certified in nonprofit management. We lead mission-focused organizations and build a better world through the power of nonprofits. We believe nonprofits can serve today’s constituents and tomorrow’s communities while cooperating with allied organizations. We turn quiet causes into magnets of support, hope and change. We help nonprofits say “hello” and create greater impact.

What’s on our clients’ minds…and how we can help:

strategic planning


You need solid, data-driven strategic planning to drive sustainable organizational growth and be an indispensable resource to your constituents. With a future-focused mission and a staff committed to innovation, you seek to reach new audiences and grow your impact.

We provide:

  • Board Facilitating
  • Strategic Goal Setting
  • Operationalizing Impact


You rely heavily on government and private support, events and programs to generate your operating budget. But you also need to expand existing revenue and diversify into new revenue streams to grow your capacity. You need to make connections and build operational agility.

We provide:

• New Program Launches

• Fundraising Enablement Materials

• Relationship Conversions

fundraising development
digital-first marketing


If you learned anything from COVID-19 and the health crisis, it’s how to pivot. You can’t go back to 2019, but your community longs to reconnect. You need an agency that can help you maintain engagement, find new audiences and create a digital hub for awareness.

We provide:

• Responsive Websites

• Marketing Automation & Nurture Campaigns

• Social / Paid Ads / Geo-Focused Boosts


You believe in cultivating strategic relationships – across the country or across the globe. But your advocacy efforts struggle to communicate impact. Your consumer engagement needs to underscore your commitment to your constituents while safeguarding their interests.

We provide:

• Policy Issues Communications

• Advocacy Calls-to-Action & Campaigns

• Coalition-Building Communications

advocacy and partnerships
public relations


You need to tell your story directly to the community. What your organization stands for. Why you make a difference in constituents’ lives. How you positively affect the community you serve. But you need help with media relations, paid media, campaigns, measurement and brand lift.

We provide:

  • Direct-to-Consumer Campaigns
  • Measurable Reach & Conversions
  • Paid / Earned / Social Media


You foster meaningful, lasting interactions. But you need to redefine your donor events and conferences. Your charitable events need to be human, whether virtual or in-person. You need to create memorable experiences and deepen your donor base and community connections.

We provide:

• Event Concept & Marketing

• Digital & Traditional Signage

• Donor Sponsorship Collateral

fundraising events
constituent services


You serve your constituents best when you improve their lives. But you struggle to know exactly what your people need. You need constituent research and actionable data. You also need internal staff / leadership activation and external community outreach to succeed.

We provide:

• Constituent Surveys & Listening Sessions

• Constituent Engagement Programs

• Public Relations


You believe that education strengthens people. You are great at program delivery. But you have challenges in offering professional development. You need help packaging your training to educate your constituents and keep your staff sharp. You are committed to workforce development.

We provide:

• Programmatic Revenue Growth

• Education & Credentialing Marketing

• Segmented Training Tracks

programs education
marketing communications


You have a marketing department. But your constituents and donors want to engage more intentionally. You are looking to inspire new audiences while having a greater impact. You need to reinvigorate your supporters and develop an immersive experience. You need to be a digital-first organization.

We provide:

• Constituent Experience Architecture

• Omnichannel Branding

• Digital-First Marketing Activation


At Agency McKenna, we do all of the above. We empower nonprofit leaders to offer their best, most strategic impact to support constituents, the organization and the community. We bring broad-scale market knowledge. We message your mission to new audiences in new ways. We embrace change. We optimize existing resources. We innovate solutions for tomorrow’s nonprofits. Your 501(c)3 or 501(c)4 can be the gateway for greater Impact.

strategic planning

Strategic Planning

constituent surveys

Constituent Surveys

digital strategy

Digital Strategy

marketing playbooks

Media & Marketing Playbooks

fundraising collateral

Fundraising Collateral

brand development

Brand Development

product and services marketing

Product & Service Marketing

event marketing

Event Marketing

online videos

Online Videos

web and social media

Web & Social Media



year-in-review & annual reports

Year-In-Review & Annual Reports

Great Clients Lead to Great Work.

Thanks to Agency McKenna, the refreshed approach to our brand shows Clearbrook is caring and compassionate, we enrich the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and help them embrace their potential. The new identity represents the Clearbrook community, our individuals, families, staff, volunteers, donors and leadership.”

Amy Black Headshot

“Agency McKenna has helped us communicate a brand-new, innovative certification program to an industry reluctant to go out of its comfort zone. The amount of research and understanding they put into a program was astounding. The creative and collateral is unlike anything we’ve done – professional, succinct and judging by the amount of candidates we already have for the program–very successful!”

“Agency McKenna led Illinois Action for Children’s 50th Year Anniversary organizational rebrand. Their ability to deliver customized, strategic communications and brand strategy, design and technology results in one word—outstanding.”

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If you’re looking for a deep bench from a highly collaborative, agile team—then you’re in luck. We are nonprofit professionals, strategists, designers, writers and builders using the latest practices in strategy, creative, media and technology. At Agency McKenna we make, measure, optimize, repeat.

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