TikTok: The New Kid on the Social Media Block.

TikTok can increase your marketing effectiveness.

We all know the benefits of social media for one’s brand: Increased awareness, engagement and immediate metrics. This isn’t new. What IS new, is the marketing potential of TikTok. While new to the scene, TikTok is quickly becoming the hotspot to build your marketing and brand awareness — especially with younger audiences.

Let’s start with the basics.

TikTok is a new and increasingly popular app that offers huge potential for brands to build awareness and make engagement skyrocket.

TikTok is a social media platform used to share short-format videos that have a duration of 15 seconds to 1 minute. The video content and tone range from funny and light-hearted to instructional and socially conscious. The short form of the videos yields content that is easily digestible and to the point. As the majority of content creators are Gen Z and Millennials, TikTok makes it easy to leverage this audience if these groups are your target audience.

Here Are Four Ways to Use TikTok.

1. Grab and keep your viewers’ attention.

TikTok is the definition of short-form content. That said, it is easy to get buried in the sheer amount of content available. It is extremely important to find a hook that is relatable, interesting or even out of the ordinary in order to get the attention and keep the viewer engaged on your content long enough to get to your call to action.

2. Follow Trends.

Pick Popular Music/Sound

Tiktok uses a sound function that allows the user to add popular music or other users’ sound to your own content, while crediting the original user or creator. This makes it easy for a specific sound to become viral or popular. By using a specific popular sound, you will be able to join this thread using the popular sound.

Use Hashtags

Like other platforms, TikTok has a hashtag function that allows the user to specifically follow and be a part of popular hashtags, challenges or events. By following these and including them in your post description, you will be able to stay relevant and grow your views.

TikTok’s branded hashtag challenges are also an effective way for your brand to connect with people on a whole new level. First, you share a video using a sponsored hashtag. Then users can respond to the challenge and create their own videos using the hashtag. These creators then become unofficial brand ambassadors and your brand is immediately connected with real people. These challenges drive awareness and engagement with every single video that is made.

3. Keep it short and sweet.

As mentioned, you need to grab a user’s attention right away. However, you can’t expect them to stay forever. TikTok will allow you to either create a 15-second to 1-minute clip. Since many users will scroll for hours on end, not many will want to spend much time on your content. Find a way to condense your content or message to keep a user engaged while not blabbering on. In short, keep your message tight as one key takeaway.

4. Highlight what makes you special.

This is your elevator pitch. For you to create brand awareness and build an audience, viewers need to know exactly what sets you apart from your competition. What service do you offer that others do not? Or do better than anyone? What does your organization stand for and do for its community that will bring people together? Once you’ve identified your “value proposition” and your brand’s soul explain it in under one minute.


People are at the heart of TikTok’s platform.

It’s all about people showcasing themselves, their interests, their organizations and their causes. TikTok embraces a personal tone and is a space to be human. (On the subject of being human, check out our human storytelling blog post.) Through this, communities are formed. Hashtags around different interests and topics allows people to follow what they want to watch and post among others who like similar things. This is where people are connecting through commenting, liking and sharing each other’s videos. This creates more opportunities for your brand to resonate with people.


#GoForTheHandful for a chance to win Goldfish for a year, a Boban Bag, or be our spokeshand! Rules on challenge page. @taylor_thatdancer #ad #contest

♬ original sound – goldfishsmiles


Furry mess sucked up. Stress levels way down with the MultiClean™ Allergen Lift-Off®

♬ original sound – bissellsocial

Every organization and business should make social media a priority in their marketing efforts. However, leveraging platforms to promote your brand, build brand awareness and create engagement is not an easy task. With an agency by your side, social media strategy and content creation come together, easier. We use the COUCH Method, to create great content. We’ll work with you to find where your channels can grow.

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