5 Tips for Content Marketing Success During COVID-19 and Beyond.

If you’re a marketer and you’re wondering how to plan your content marketing strategy for next year, you’re in good company. Nowadays, organizations of all stripes are trying to figure out how they’ll need to adjust their content plans and priorities given the COVID-19 and what’s next.

We get asked questions about content strategy all the time. How should we position ourselves? What kind of content should we produce? What’s the right balance between informative content and sales promotion? Which channels should we use? How can we provide content that is relevant now as well as evergreen in the post-pandemic world?

We know that a lot of organizations are dealing with these issues right now, so we decided to share our answers with everyone. Here are our five tips for content marketing success during COVID-19.

1. Determine Your Audience Needs and Marketing Goals.

Even though the world may be in flux, the basics of content marketing haven’t changed. Your audience should be at the heart of everything you do. And you need to know how the pandemic has affected them to plan for what’s now and what’s ahead.

The only way to know is to ask.

Start conversations with your audience: Interview them and survey them.

Ask them key questions like:

– How are you doing right now?

– How can we support you during these times?

– What information do you need in order to plan for the future?

Find out if they have any pandemic-specific questions about your industry, business or offerings.

Next, think about how your audience’s needs align with your marketing goals. What do you need to gain through your content marketing campaigns? What lasting impression do you want to have on them? Think longer term than just the pandemic—and think of driving interest beyond sales. You want to build deep relationships as well as generate revenue. Use your content to create trust, drive action and demonstrate thought leadership. When you support your audience during their times of need, they’ll be much more likely to remember you in the future. This is your opportunity to make a lasting impression.

2. Determine Your Unique Content Positioning.

Now that you have set the strategic foundation, you need to figure out how you can develop content that both aligns with your audience’s needs and delivers on your marketing goals.

Refer to your audience interviews and surveys. What kind of resources are they looking for? If they’re hungry for information, consider including insights about the current business environment, industry, etc. If they have specific questions or issues related to COVID-19, develop useful, educational content that addresses their concerns. The overlap between these two areas is where you’ll most likely find success with your content marketing strategy.

Next, develop your unique content positioning by drawing on your business strengths and competitive advantages.

– What help, advice or support are you in a unique position to offer?

– What role does your business play in their lives?

– How can you relate these considerations to their pandemic-specific concerns?

Think about all of the ways you touch your audience and build off of that.

3. Create Content for the Right Channels.

Take a look at your current marketing metrics and consider how your audience’s content consumption has changed during the pandemic.

– Have their habits altered?

– Are they engaging in the same or different channels?

Adjust your marketing mix to incorporate these new and existing channels.

You should strongly consider adding digital content to your strategy. With so many people stuck at home and working remotely, digital channels have become even more popular. From in-depth, deep dive blog posts, to eye-popping video, to snackable social media content, there are loads of opportunities to get your unique message across. Provide exclusive videos for prospects and customers that speak to their most pressing concerns. Entertain your audience by teaching them something new. Offer tips about your products and services that can help them during the pandemic.

Also look for ways to broaden your reach through content collaborations. By partnering with content creators who already have established audiences, you can ease your entry into new channels and quickly introduce yourself to a whole new network.

And there’s no reason to abandon what’s already working. If you have several successful pieces that perform well, think of ways to repurpose them for different channels. Turn your best blog posts into videos. Turn checklists and infographics into social posts. Turn your frequently asked questions (FAQs) into an informative webinar. Get creative—your imagination is the only limit.

4. Be Prepared to Pivot.

With all of your content, keep an eye on the future and be ready to pivot for life after the pandemic. Creating content can be a considerable investment, and you want it to still be effective in the months and years to come.

There are a few ways you can turn your COVID-specific content into evergreen content. Include a few sentences into blog posts to make content topical, but keep the core of your message the same. Produce flexible graphics that can be edited for post-pandemic use. Add new intros and outros to videos to keep them current in the future.

Use this time to develop assets that will fuel your growth in the post-COVID world. If you invest in content now, you’ll be that much further ahead. A good marketing agency can help you find the right balance.

5. Be Human.

With all of the content you produce, you should be especially sensitive and careful about your tone. You don’t know exactly how your audience is experiencing these difficult times, and you certainly don’t want to offend anyone inadvertently. Use humor with a critical eye and be aware of unintentional insensitivity. What you find funny or engaging might come off as offensive to others. Make sure your content always speaks with compassion, honesty and authenticity.

But above all, be supportive. Meet your audience where they are and help them achieve their goals. From there, you can both grow together.

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